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Scott Middle School

Who:  Current  6th,  7th  &  8th  graders  and  their  families  

Where:  Scott  Middle  School  cafeteria  

When:  Thursday,  January  19th  from 5:00pm-­‐6:30pm  

Why:    You  can...  

Play  fun  math  games  that  you  can  easily  recreate  at  home  

✓ Enter  or  watch  the  Rubik’s  Cube  competition!  

✓ Learn  how  to  use  technology  to  help  or  enrich  you  in  math  

✓ Learn  how  to  be  successful  on  tests,  including  the  ISTEP+

✓ Learn  how you can be a part of creating your child’s schedule for the next school year.

Snacks will be served!!!

Open ... Mathematics, Pay, Colorful ... Other resolutions: 220 × 240 ...