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Students achieving success by developing skills that last a lifetime



Scott Middle School’s curriculum is developed to meet the needs of all learners and fully utilizes technology.  Our charge is to engage students in a wide range of interesting, academically challenging learning opportunities.  In addition to their academic classes, all Scott students have the opportunity to take a class of Practical Arts, which include Art, Family and Consumer Sciences, Music, Physical Education and Health. Foreign languages, Band, Choir and Gateway to Technology are also offered at Scott Middle School.  Additional classes are incorporated to reach areas of deficiency in student learning.



Doors open at 7:20 AM.  Students are to be IN CLASS at 7:30 AM

Advisory    7:30 – 8:00

Period 2    8:04 – 8:51

Period 3    8:55 – 9:42

Period 4    9:46 – 10:33  

Period 5    10:37 – 11:02  Lunch Period – 6th grade

Period 5             10:37 – 11:24

Period 6     11:28 – 12:15

Period 6    11:28 – 11:53  Lunch Period – 7th grade

Period 6    11:06 – 11:53

Period 7    11:57 – 12:44

Period 7    12:19 – 12:44 Lunch Period – 8th grade

Period 8    12:48 – 1:35

Period 9    1:39 – 2:30




Consistent attendance is the foundation of success in education and life.  Students are expected to be in school and in each assigned class every day.  It is the responsibility of parents, students and school staff to work together to ensure students are in class every day.  Absences due to illness or deaths in the immediate family may be excused by following the procedure below.  Absences due to religious holidays or family emergencies may be excused by prearrangement with the Principal.  Serious, prolonged or chronic attendance problems may be referred to outside agencies to provide additional support.  Should it become necessary for a student to be absent from school, the following procedure MUST be followed:


  1. Parent/Guardian will call the attendance office at 989-7340 x 3398 (the attendance line is option 1 of the automated choices) on the day the student is absent.


  1. If a phone call is not possible, student must present a note with parent/guardian signature and a phone number where parent can be reached before school on the day the student returns.  The note must be brought to the attendance office. Excessive absences may require a physician’s statement to return to school.


3.    If a student has a professional appointment (doctor, dentist, etc.) that requires all or part of a day’s absence, a note from that office is required to excuse the student.  If it is necessary to pick a student up from school, parents should provide written permission to release the student to anyone, but the child’s own guardian.


4.    Requests for prearranged absence or early dismissal must be made at least one school day prior to the known absence, except in an emergency situation.  Such requests must be made in the form of a note with the parent/guardian signature and telephone number.  The student should bring this note to the attendance office upon entering school in the morning, before reporting to class.  If a student is to leave the school building due to illness or prearranged appointment, the parent/guardian is expected to come into the school and sign out the child. The sign-out sheet will be in the Main Office. This is for the protection of the child and the parent.  



The residence of a child is defined as that of his/her legal guardian.  A child of school age shall attend school in the attendance area prescribed by the Board of School Trustees.  A child with legal residence within the School City of Hammond will be granted a transfer within the District or to another District only in accordance with the Board of Trustees’ policy and State law.  It is the responsibility of parent/guardian to provide the school with current address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and other enrollment information.  Failure to do so may result in exclusion of the student from school.



Parents may request school assignments for their child when the child has been absent for two (2) consecutive days and is expected to be absent the third (3) day.  Students can be reported off from school as early as 7:30 A.M. and homework can be ordered at that time.  The homework can be picked up twenty-four (24) hours later in the Attendance Office.  Parents can go to the student’s locker and remove the necessary books.  It is the responsibility of the absent student to either bring any written assignments upon his/her return to school or have the assignment himself/herself.  Such assignments should be taken to the Attendance Office.  Any additional assignment request during any one period of a consecutive absence will be honored only upon completion and return of previous class work based upon printed regulations provided in the School City Student-Parent Guide.  Requests will be honored on the first day of absence when a doctor has indicated the student will be absent for a period of two days or longer due to an injury or illness.



Students are to be in their classroom and prepared with supplies when the tardy bell rings.  Teachers will have various options to choose from to modify a student’s behavior that does not follow this policy.  These options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • written assignment

  • phone call to parent

  • detention

  • persistent and habitual violation of the tardy policy will result in further office discipline.




All textbooks are rented to students for their use during the school year.  Other special fees may be charged in addition to the textbook rental. Students are expected to pay for lost or damaged books.  Rental fee information will be provided in the School City of Hammond Student-Parent Guide.



Each student will be issued a school locker by their Advisory teacher.  Students obtain a separate lock which MUST be purchased in the main office.  Only the student and school officials should know the locker combination.  DO NOT SHARE YOUR COMBINATION OR LOCKER WITH OTHER STUDENTS!!   Students are expected to keep lockers clean and only report to lockers during scheduled times.  General locker inspections and clean-out times may be held throughout the school year.  



A school nurse is assigned to Scott Middle School.  The responsibility of the nurse is to provide care and assistance in case of injury or illness of an emergency nature.  Treating and caring for injuries that occur outside the school are not her responsibility unless they affect a student’s participation in school activities.  If an accident occurs, the student should report to the clinic.  If a student should become ill or injured during the school day, before reporting to the nurse, he/she should get a pass from the classroom teacher.  If a student is determined to be

too ill for a class, a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian, who will make arrangements for the student to be picked up.  Students will not be dismissed from school without such arrangements.



All visitors must report to the school office upon entering the building.  Visitors must indicate the reason(s) for being in the building and obtain an approval pass from the office.  We cannot have unauthorized persons in the building.  Students from other schools will not be given a visitor’s pass.



Each bicycle should be parked in the rack provided and locked during the school hours.  The school does not accept responsibility for the security of bicycles.  Skateboards and mopeds are not allowed on school property.  Skateboards will not be housed in the school.  



We ask parents to time the arrival of students at school to coincide with the beginning of the school day.  During extremely cold weather, students who arrive early may wait in the cafeteria. Cafeteria doors do not open until 7:05 AM.  Students may enter this area by using the doors located at the south end of the building and marked with a “C”.  Students are not permitted in unauthorized areas before 7:20 AM.  This includes lockers, main office, and nurses office.  Students are expected to exercise good judgment and behavior while waiting to go to their locker.   Students are not to be dropped off before 7:05 AM



All students will be graded on A, B, C, D, F, and P system. A=superior achievement; B=good achievement; C=satisfactory/average achievement; D=below average achievement; F=failing; P=passing.  Report cards will be handed out to parents as requested and may be accessed on STI.  Report cards will be available via Chalkable/STI  approximately one week after the last day of the grading period.  Parents will be able to access their child’s grades, communicate with teachers, and monitor progress in school through the internet by using the Chalkable/STI Home system.  This website is available through the School City of Hammond’s home web site. Trainings will be arranged throughout the school year.  



The guidance and counseling services are part of the student’s education.  The counselors strive to assist each student in utilizing his/her abilities to the fullest in making wise decisions and developing self-understanding as well as planning for the future.  Services available: individual and group mediation; progress reports and grade reporting; scheduling and course selections; providing career and educational planning; testing program and testing interpretation; referral services/community services; resource person for the student, teacher and parent; maintenance of student records; orientation of each new student; and homework assignment sheets.  Please call and ask for your child’s counselor regarding any questions.  Regional offers site based counseling service also at Scott Middle School.  Please speak with School Counselor who can help you arrange those services.  



Students may purchase a hot lunch in the cafeteria.  Milk is available for those students bringing sack lunches.  All students must eat lunch at school and are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lunch periods.  Students are to remain seated once they purchase their lunch.  In order for a student to leave the cafeteria, he/she will need a pass from the teacher they are visiting.  Regular codes of student’s conduct apply in the lunchroom.



Parents should avoid using the front driveway areas to pick up or drop off students.  Parents are to use the North parking lot to drop off or pick up students before and after school.  Students are to enter and exit the building using the entrances to the academic wing of the building (Doors Q/R, O/P, T/U and V/W).  For the safety of all concerned, cooperation in adhering to our traffic patterns on school property will be appreciated and encouraged.  Do not wait to drop off or pick up your child in the bus lane.



When a child is placed on medication (not limited to prescription medication, but includes over the counter medications such as aspirin and cough drops) and the medication is to be taken during school hours, a note from the physician is required with the following information:  Child’s name, name of medication, dosage of medication and time(s) to be taken.  Written permission of the parent or guardian is also required.  The medication must be delivered to school by the parent or guardian in the original bottle from the pharmacy with the child’s name and dosage.  The regulation is in compliance with Indiana State Law.



Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a hall pass from an authorized staff member.  Students are responsible for obtaining the written pass.  Verbal permission is not acceptable.  Students who do not have a pass and are in the halls during class periods will be sent back to their classroom and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.  Students should only follow their schedule and will not be permitted in any area/classroom not on their schedule without staff member permission.



If at any time during the school year a student has a change in information (address, phone number, guardian, etc.)  the new information must be reported to the school office immediately.  



All doors in the academic area will open at 7:20 AM. and will be locked at 7:30 AM. or shortly thereafter for students to enter the building.  Admittance after 7:30 A.M. may be obtained by ringing the buzzer located at the main entrance on 173rd Street (Door A).  This policy is in effect for safety and security of our school.



Students will have the opportunity to get involved in many activities throughout the year.  Some of the activities that the students may participate in are dances, sports, extra and co-curricular activities as well as projects designed to expand the curriculum.  Academic and discipline guidelines must be met to participate in student activities.  



Cross Country, Soccer, Cheerleading/Dance, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Track and Wrestling.



Students elected to the Student Council assist in the planning and management of student activities, which promote and teach leadership, respect for rules and regulations and student responsibility.  The Student Council works very closely with the school administration and cooperates with professional staff and school personnel.



Students who maintain a scholastic average of 3.30 may request membership in the National Junior Honor Society.  An Honor Society Member is evaluated on scholarship, service, character, leadership and citizenship throughout the year.



Parent, Teacher, Student Association is an integral part of the Scott educational setting.  Information regarding monthly meetings is distributed through the PTSA Newsletter.  All students and parents are urged to become active members of the PTSA.



As educators, we understand and appreciate the effort that each student must put forth to complete daily assignments, participate in classroom activities and study for tests.  During the year we will take time to award special certificates to students making A & B honor roll, completing assignments in all academic areas and other accomplishments worthy of recognition.



Although book bags are an excellent organizational tool for getting materials back and forth to school, they are not to be used to transport materials from class to class.  They must be emptied when arriving at school to avoid locker damage and to eliminate the possibility of injury from students or teachers tripping over them in the classroom.

School Wear Policy Guidelines

General guidelines:

  • All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly

  • No hats, caps, scarves, gloves, sweatbands, or sunglasses

  • No chains (non-jewelry) or chain wallets or belts, studded bracelets or collars

  • Clothing that is distressed or has holes or rips  is not to be worn

  • Articles of apparel, clothing, or accessories that present a hazard to the individual, other people or property will not be permitted

  • Due to safety concerns clothing that is too long, flip-flop sandals, or high platform shoes will not be permitted

  • Any cellphone/electronic device and/or related accessories should be put away and not visible in designated Red Zone areas.

Shirts and Tops

  • Must be solid white, light or navy blue collared polo or dress style only

  • Only elementary school students have the color “red” in their school wear policy.

  • Shirts must have sleeves, no holes, rips or tears

  • No writing or logos are permitted, except approved SCH spirit wear

  • All tops should be of an appropriate size and fit; no form-fitting or long, baggy shirts will be permitted

  • Tops open lower than the collar bone are not permitted

  • Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to be seen through will not be permitted

Sweaters /Sweatshirts:   

  • Solid Cardigan (button or zip) and crew neck sweaters, pullovers and sweatshirts  are permitted in white, navy or light blue; no writing or logos except approved SCH spirit wear.  Hooded tops are not allowed.

Pants / Slacks / Shorts / Capris / Skorts  

  • Must be solid color of navy or khaki, no denim

  • Garments designed with belt loops must be belted at the waist

  • Shorts, skirts and skorts must be no shorter than 3” above knee

  • Bottoms made of stretch knits, spandex, flannel, denim or fleece such as sweatpants, jogging pants, or any  type of athletic clothing are not permitted

  • Baggy, saggy, long, or form-fitting pants are not permitted

Skirts / Dresses / Jumpers:  

  • Must be a solid color of navy or khaki and meet all other school wear guidelines

  • All dresses must also meet the requirements listed above under tops


  • Shoes designed to be worn outside the home

  • Shoes must  be tied and shoes with velcro closures must be secured at all times as designed

  • Flip flops, slippers and high platform shoes are not allowed



The safety of all students and staff is the number one priority.  All students must have their ID picture taken and on file. Students must have their ID card on their lanyard, around their neck and visible to enter the building, classrooms, and pass through the halls. This ID card is also used to check out library materials, to access student cafeteria accounts, and for identification purposes. Failure to have your ID card when requested by any staff/security member will result in disciplinary action.  



To protect the learning environment, it is necessary that Scott students act in a manner that is conducive to the mission of education.  Disruption of the educational process for all students by an individual will not be allowed.

  1. Students are to act at all times in a responsible manner and show courtesy and respect to those in a supervisory capacity.

  2. Students will move in the hallways in an orderly fashion, staying to the right and not loitering.  Running, pushing or any other physical conduct or any unnecessary disturbances will not be tolerated.  

  3. Lockers are to be used only before and after school and at designated times.

  4. Students are to be prepared for class as instructed by their classroom teachers.

  5. Students are to enter and exit the building before and after school by the parking lot and Grand Avenue exits.  In the interest of building security, no student is to enter or open any door during school hours other than the front door by the office, using the intercom.

  6. Food and drinks are to be kept in the locker except to be brought to the lunchroom.  Glass bottles or containers are not permitted in the building.

  7. Smoking or possession of smoking material is not permitted on school grounds.

  8. Use of profanity, racial slurs, sexual harassment, bulling or other defamation will not be tolerated.

  9. Engaging in any activity forbidden by the laws of the State of Indiana, which constitutes an interference with school purpose.

  10. Verbal or physical assault or threatening behavior toward a school staff member is not permitted.

  11. Possession, use or distribution of gang symbols, clothing or paraphernalia, use of speech or gestures signifying  gang activity, any spoken, written or otherwise communicated reference to gang membership, possession of beepers or other cellular communication devices, other behavior as described by Board Policy 5413.

  12. Other behavior not conducive to the educational process as described in School Board Policy and Administrative Regulations.



In situations where the conduct of students fails to meet these codes of conduct or Board Policies, it becomes necessary for school staff to take disciplinary action.  These actions include, but are not limited to counseling students, assigning additional work, restricting extracurricular activities, calling parents, assigning detentions or requesting administrative intervention.  Should a student receive a DAR (Disciplinary Action Request) additional measures may include assignments to ICBM (In Class Behavioral Modification) program, OSS (Out of School Suspension), referral to the Student Services, referral to police or juvenile authority, or expulsion pursuant to Board Policy.  Some of these interventions are explained in detail below.



Field trip, extracurricular activities, sports events (participating or attending) and club participation are privileges.  Students are expected to show appropriate behavior in order to participate in any of these activities.  Violation of the school’s rules or code of conduct may justify a student being excluded from these activities.



Teachers or office staff may assign detentions.  Students assigned a detention must be on time and prepared as if for class with paper, writing materials, and appropriate books.  The student will be given a slip with the reason for the detention, the date, time and place.  The slip is to be signed by parent/guardian and returned with the student, or the student may not be admitted to the detention.  Students who are late, do not bring their slip, do not follow the rules or do not show up at all for an assigned detention are subject to further disciplinary action and REMAIN RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DETENTION.  If a student is absent from school on the day of an assigned detention, it is the obligation of that student to make up the detention at the same time and place on the day the student returns to school.



Students may be assigned to one or more days in the Behavior Intervention Zone.  The student will be given a slip with the reason for BIZ, the date and the time.  While in the BIZ room, students will receive credit for their assignments that they complete.  Additionally, students will complete exercises on managing their behavior and if possible will have a meeting with their counselor while in the room.  Students assigned to BIZ will follow their normal routine for obtaining lunch, but will not eat with the other students.  It should be understood that this is a disciplinary period.  No deviation from the rules of the BIZ room will be tolerated and any student who does not cooperate will face further discipline.



Students who have serious or repeated behavior problems or behave in a manner dangerous to themselves or others may receive OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION.  The suspension may result in expulsion pursuant to Board Policy.  Otherwise suspensions will be of a period from one (1) to ten (10) days.  The length of the time will be determined by the gravity of the offense and the number of the offenses the student has had.  While suspended out of school, a student is not permitted on School City of Hammond property.   Parents may be requested to attend a conference on a student’s return to school.