Counseling Department

Welcome to the Scott Middle School Counseling Office!
Our office consists of two school counselors, a suspension expulsion interventionist, a special education case manager, and a registrar.

School Counselors

Mrs. L. McNeiley             7th Grade & Team 6B      Ext. 3332

Ms. A. Romero         8th Grade & Team 6A            Ext. 3331

Suspension Expulsion Interventionist

TBA                                                   Ext. 3361


Mrs. T. Hardy                                                        Ext. 3330
Office Manager

March 19th & 20th our Morton HS counselors were at Scott to teach our 8th graders about Morton High School and give students the chance to choose their electives for freshmen year! You can use the google form below to make your choices.
Morton HS Elective Selection Form

SCHEDULING for 2018-2019
Students can choose their Applied Academic classes for the 2018-2019 school year by using the Google Forms below. Your school counselors will visit you to help you make your selections.  All schedule requests need to be completed by April 27th, 2018.
Incoming 6th Graders

7th Graders for 2018-2019

8th Graders for 2018-2019


  • Provide solution-focused brief counseling for individuals and small groups with academic, college, career, social, and emotional concerns.  

  • Conduct classroom guidance presentations addressing academic, college, career, social, and emotional concerns

  • Create schedules for students using teacher recommendations, parent input, grades, and test scores

  • Coordinate and assist in various standardized testing such as the PSAT 8/9, WIDA, and ISTEP

  • Collaborate with community agencies to create and enhance educational opportunities for students

  • Meet with parents, teachers, and administrators to discuss student performance and develop plans for success

  • Present information at family nights

  • Provide families with appropriate community referrals

  • Organize experiential activities with students to outside organizations

Because we are here to serve all students, we cannot provide consistent, intensive mental health counseling to students.  If you feel that your student or family would benefit from this service, we are happy to provide you with referrals for counseling resources in our community.    


If a student wants to speak with a counselor about an academic, college, career, social, or emotional concern, they can ask their teacher for a pass to visit the guidance office during the day or request an appointment with the Google form using the link below.

Counseling Appointment

If a parent or guardian wants to speak with a counselor about their student, they can call to schedule appointment for a meeting.  Our department will serve parents and guardians who visit without an appointment, but we can’t guarantee we will be available so it is best to schedule an appointment to ensure the counselor is available to see you at the time you prefer.

Please be aware that each counselor is assigned to about 425 students.  There are times when we are presenting information in the classroom, attending meetings, organizing testing materials, out of the building for training or counseling another student. It’s possible that your student will have to wait for an appointment with us.   Please know that we will call your student down as soon as we can.


Your student’s schedule is created in the Spring prior to the start of the school year. The counselors work with administrators to ensure that students are placed into their core content areas based on teacher recommendations, grades, and test scores.

In January, 6th and 7th grade students have the opportunity to choose their applied academic courses*.  Parents are asked to review their student’s selection sheet, provide their signature, and send it back to Scott Middle School.  Students who do not return the applied academic selection sheet or do not have it signed by a parent or guardian will be placed into their applied academic courses based on what is available when schedules are created.

*Please be aware that not all applied academic choices can be granted.

Applied Academic Selections

  • Instrumental Band (2 semesters)

  • Vocal Music (2 semesters)

  • Exploring Music  

  • Visual Arts

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Chinese

  • Spanish

  • Spanish 1 (2 semesters; 8th grade only; for high school credit)

  • Health & Wellness

  • Physical Education

  • Business (Keyboarding)

  • Financial Literacy

  • Preparing for College and Careers (1 semester; 8th grade only; for high school credit)


Parents and students can request schedules change prior to the start of a semester or within the first two weeks (or ten school days) of that semester.  Schedule change requests after the two-week period will only be granted by an administrator’s approval.  This policy is in place to avoid discrepancies in attendance, discipline, and permanent grade records.


This table contains very important academic, college, & career information for our students and families.



Indiana Career Explorer

Students should create their Indiana graduation plan on this site (21st Century Scholars must complete their graduation plan).  Students can also take career interest inventories, research careers, and learn about the job-hunting process.

Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs

Shows the top 50 jobs that are in demand for Indiana

College Board PSAT 8/9 Test

Information on the SAT Suite of Assessments.  Our 8th graders take the PSAT 8/9 test in October.  Results are available after February.

Khan Academy

Free tutoring in a variety of subjects.  Students can also use this website to prepare for the SAT suite of assessments.

Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship

Information on how students can earn the Mitch Daniels Early Graduation scholarship.

College Bound Scholarship

Information about the city of Hammond’s College Bound program where students of Hammond homeowners can receive money for college.

21st Century Scholars Program

Information about an Indiana program where students can earn up to 4 years of money for college.

Job Shadow

Provides interviews from a variety of careers.  This is great for students exploring careers.


Suspension Expulsion Interventionist (SEI)

Mrs. Lydia McNeiley ext. 3361

The goal of the SEI is to help students make better decisions concerning their behavior in the classroom.  Through a number of interventions such as; parent phone calls, check in-check out sheets, parent meetings, and working with peer mentors, my objective is for our students to have a productive and successful time at Scott.

  • Meets with students who have been removed from the classroom to determine the reason why and the best course of action to improve behavior going forward.

  • Meets with teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators to determine the cause of certain behaviors in the classroom and help develop ways to help diminish those behaviors.

  • Meets throughout the year with students who have had behavior issues  to develop relationships with students and help students develop positive behavior.

  • Coordinate the use of paper or electronic check in/check out sheets to encourage students to make better behavior decisions.

  • Meets with students who are having conflicts with one another to help resolve those conflicts before the situation escalates.

  • Communicates behavior concerns with parents to help foster open communication for the benefit of the student.

  • Meets with Peer Mediators/Peer Mentors, who are students who work with  peers to help resolve conflicts.  These students  also act as mentors for some 6th grade students.

Special Education Case Manager
Ms. Melissa McManus ext. 3381

The special education case manager coordinates the special education programs offered at Scott Middle School. Her role is to supervise the special education teachers, provide support in the development of Individualized Educational Plans as well as participate in annual case conferences, move-in meetings, and transition meetings.   

Mrs. Tracey Hardy ext. 3330

The role of the registrar is to maintain timely and accurate records of the students while maintaining the privacy and security of those records according to the Family and Educational Rights Act (FERPA).  The registrar is available to assist parents, students, and staff with:

  • Registrations, enrollments and withdrawals

  • Address, phone, and email updates

  • Change of name (student/parent)

  • Change of guardianship

  • Verification of enrollment for outside agencies

  • Transcripts and term grade reports

  • North Township School Uniform Program   

  • Temporary bus passes


School Counselors

Mrs. L. McNeiley            7th Grade & Team 6B         Ext. 3332

Ms. A. Romero         8th Grade & Team 6A            Ext. 3331

Suspension Expulsion Interventionist

TBA                                                   Ext. 3361

Special Education Case Manager

Ms. M. McManus                                                   Ext. 3381


Mrs. T. Hardy                                                        Ext. 3330